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So… Hi my Livejournal it’s been to long. Sorry but Myspace has taken… - Patrick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 26th, 2005|11:59 pm]

So… Hi my Livejournal it’s been to long. Sorry but Myspace has taken over my internet play time. (I mean come on it has pictures and songs! I am currently obsessed with the new Kelis song “Bossy” two thumbs up!)


Anyway I felt it is that time to jot some feelings down because, I’m in this scary transition phase right now and don’t really know how I’m feeling about it.


So I guess a good place to start would be graduation.


I so graduated with honors (Thanks Sarah Reed for letting me borrow your gold tassel). The ceremony was as good as it could be for being Frostburg. (I mean lets get real it was in the gym). I got one of the loudest cheers of any graduate! (Except the Black people because they always get the most). And I had a wonderful time! All good things. I even drank that night, and came to realize that getting wasted isn’t as fun as I remembered. So now say that I am done with drinking. (By my choice, not by my body’s restrictions.)


Okay now onto the future.




It’s freaking me out man. I am so ready for it but I know it’s going to be so hard. Going to a city where I know literally nobody. I don’t have a job. I don’t even know really where to get started.


I’m living in Boystown which is a start because I’ll at least be in an area that's cool with gay people. But, thinking about it… I’m not all that cool with gay people. (I only have like 2 gay guy friends.) I’m just worried that I’m not going to fit in the crowds up there and that I’m going to be all alone in my studio looking at internet porn and watching “Next” by myself! I haven’t lived alone maybe ever and not having that person to come home to is going to be depressing.


I am excited to actually be pursuing my career in acting. If nothing else I know that I can use my loser alone time preparing for and going on auditions. Let’s face it, I’m moving to Chicago to build a resume and make a name for myself. This is an exciting thing! I should be driving up there now my car packed and the wind in my hair. But I’m sitting here relishing in the last moments of my youth and looking to my life as an adult and it’s scary.