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Can I just say I’m so happy Fiona Apple’s Extraordinary Machine is… - Patrick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Sep. 26th, 2005|02:13 am]

Can I just say I’m so happy Fiona Apple’s Extraordinary Machine is being so well received by the media, and how excited I am to get the newly worked tracks on my ipod. (The Brion versions are great but these new versions are apparently amazing.) does liking Fiona Apple make me a lame depressed loser or a “trendy” college student… I don’t really know. (I just read Rolling Stone cover to cover and was intrigued by the article about Kristin from Laguna Beach…so maybe both)


I am kind of sad because home boy never called. You know when you meet someone and are expecting a call, so you have your phone on you all the time and your constantly checking it. (That is the worst and its totally what I’ve been like ALL DAY!) I don’t think I should call again cause then I would seem pressed and REALLY I’m not, I just need something to distract me from my living situation (Kappa was over tonight hazing their pledges in the basement, I was home alone locked in my room afraid!)


Excerpt from what I heard:


(Loud Metal Music Playing)


Thank You Brother (Insert Name Here)


(Men Yelling)




Thank You Brother… (Pause)




(Then they went out back and punched Trees)




P.S. I totally  missed the TV Movie “Martha Behind Bars “ (Christmas Present? Might be better than Fifteen and Pregnant, but I seriously doubt that!)